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Shaping Comparative Cognition Laboratory Psychological and Brain Sciences. The University of Iowa.
Shaping can be used to train organisms to perform behaviors that would rarely if ever occur otherwise. For example, to teach a child to write his or her first name, you initially give praise for writing the first letter correctly.
shaping Dictionary Definition:
the act of using a file as in shaping or smoothing an object. shaping metal by heating and hammering. the activity of making things out of metal in a skillful manner. the act of forming something into granules or grains.
Examples of Shaping Psychestudy.
We have already discussed, in detail, about Shaping and process of Shaping in the previous article. Here, we will thoroughly study the examples of shaping of behavior to understand the whole process better. Over the years, psychologists have pointed out number of different examples of shaping.
What is shaping a behavior? Psychestudy.
Shaping of behavior isn t really the simplest of processes although its not complicated by any means. One of the first experiments conducted by B.F Skinner on shaping involved teaching pigeons how to bowl, where the pigeons were gradually taught to sideswipe the ball with its beak down the alley towards the pins.
Shaping psychology Wikipedia.
Shaping assists in discrimination, which is the ability to tell the difference between stimuli that are and are not reinforced, and in generalization, which is the application of a response learned in one situation to a different but similar situation.

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